The Mayo Model Of Care

Excerpt from Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast by Nicholas LaRusso, M.D., Barbara Spurrier, MHA,  Gianrico Farrugia, M.D..

The fundamental elements of today’s established Mayo Model of Care include 14 tenets, of which 7 are directed toward “Patient Care” and 7 concern “The Mayo Environment.” These tenets are not only useful in understanding today’s Mayo Clinic but also in understanding the nature of an environment that is conducive to the types of innovations we will discuss throughout the book.

Patient Care

  • A team approach that relies on a variety of medical specialists working together to provide the highest-quality care
  • An unhurried examination of each and every patient with time to listen to him or her
  • The physicians taking personal responsibility for directing patient care in partnership with the patient’s local physician
  • The highest-quality care delivered with compassion and trust
  • Respect for the patient, family, and the patient’s local physician
  • A comprehensive evaluation with timely, efficient assessment and treatment
  • The availability of the most advanced, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and techniques

The Mayo Environment

  • Highest-quality staff, mentored in the culture of Mayo and valued for their contributions
  • Valued professional allied health staff with a strong work ethic, special expertise, and devotion to Mayo
  • A scholarly environment of research and education
  • Physician leadership
  • Integrated medical records with common support services for all outpatients and inpatients
  • Professional compensation that allows a focus on quality, not quantity
  • Unique professional dress, decorum, and facilities


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