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The 5 Musts For Employment

Excerpt from 5 Steps to Rapid Employment by Jay A. Block.

Like a world-class athlete, mindset, or attitude, determines outcome; emotions determine success, or a lack thereof. You can have superior skills, but if you don’t show up to play emotionally, you’ll lose! In most cases, underdogs win, not by having superior skills, but by having a bigger heart, a stronger character, and a positive, unstoppable attitude.

So when job loss and career issues create situations and events that require you to be at your emotional best, how do you get there? In other words, when well-meaning people tell you to “think positive” in the midst of crisis and chaos, how do you do this? Or better yet, how do you alter your emotions so that you actually benefit from the predicament you face? You’re challenged to “take the high road” when you lose a job or when the job campaign takes longer than expected. You’’re advised to turn adversity into opportunity and to make the best of a bad situation. But once again, the question is, how do you accomplish this? Before learning how, you must be aware of the “five musts” for changing your state of mind— and for managing fear and negative emotions to successfully land the job you want quickly.

The 5 Musts:

  1. You must want to change.
  2. You must be committed to change.
  3. You must employ massive discipline in order to change.
  4. You must embrace discomfort to ensure change.
  5. You must condition yourself to learn new techniques to achieve lasting change.
Jay A. Block is an internationally certified career coach and resume strategist. Cofounder of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) he is president of The Jay Block Companies and has authored 12 books related to the job industry. Visit his website at

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