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Linda McKissack Talks Real Estate

Interview with Linda McKissack, co-author of Hold.

We recently sat down for a round of speed dating with Linda McKissack to find out what it is about the combination of real estate and business that makes Linda as enthusiastic today as she was when she started her wealth-building journey in the early 90s.

What we learned: For Linda, real estate is a daily reminder of how far she’s come. From a girl on welfare who started in a home without an indoor bathroom to a successful real estate investor with nearly 80 properties, Linda is living proof that anything can be accomplished if you are dedicated to success.

Today, Linda doesn’t just aspire to have a dream home, she lives in one. And she enjoys an amazing view of the lake and trees surrounding her property – a far cry from where she began – from her favorite room in the house (the master bath) on a daily basis.

KellerINK Team: You have a book coming out this fall about using real estate as an investment vehicle. What made you decide to get involved in the writing of HOLD?

Linda: I learned about investing in real estate through listening to others, reading books and through trial and error. Since I personally understand the power of people helping each other, I now want to help others create their financial freedom through real estate. As we learned from Gary in The Millionaire Real Estate Investor seven years ago, “Anyone can do it!” It’s definitely worked for me, and if I can influence others to take that first step through this book, it will be so rewarding.

KellerINK Team: Is there one outcome you’d like readers to get from reading HOLD?

Linda: More than anything I want readers to have hope and take action in creating their futures. And I want to make sure they know to never, ever give up!

KellerINK Team: We know you and your husband (and fellow co-author) Jimmy originally had a plan to buy properties based on the commissions you earned from selling real estate. Tell us about one of your successful real estate investments.

Linda: When we first started investing in real estate, our plan was to buy enough properties that when it was all paid off some day, the cash flow would be what we lived off of in place of our income. The first investment property we ever bought was a fourplex next to a college. Today, we own it free and clear – and it brings in $1,200 per month!

KellerINK Team: We know that being a real estate investor takes both commitment and a good attitude. How do you typically start your day?

Linda: The first thing I do when I get up is get my head right. I exercise to get my body moving and my blood flowing. Then, I read something spiritual or motivational, or I listen to an audio book. Jim Rohn is my favorite, so you’ll always find me plugged into him. Listening to someone who is inspirational is great for me. It adds hope to my day.

As soon as I arrive at the office, I find my most important task for the day and set aside time for it. Then I get to work doing it!

KellerINK Team: OK, it’s time for us to get really serious now. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Linda: The power to fly! I want to be in so many places, and the TSA line slows me down!

KellerINK Team: Anything else we should know?

Linda: People underestimate the power of what they can achieve if they focus on what matters.

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Linda McKissack – Realtor, entrepreneur, author, public speaker – began her real estate career in the ’80s. Despite a rocky start, Linda has built a successful team which includes her husband Jim, selling more than $40 million in volume. The HOLD co-author has also made a career of helping others by sharing her successes in order for them to increase their revenue and grow their businesses.

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