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Fusion Marketing…It’s What’s Next!

Guest post by Lon Safko, author of  The Fusion Marketing Bible.

I discovered Fusion Marketing as a result of constantly being asked in interviews “So, what comes after social media?” Social media has changed the way the world markets, sells, and communicates forever, and it has caused us to change at speeds we have never seen before with technology. I decided to take that question on as a challenge.

I asked myself, “Where will marketing and sales organizations be in say, five years?  How will we be treating traditional, digital, and social media marketing?”  That’’s when I realized that:

Traditional Marketing + Digital Marketing + Social Media Marketing = Fusion Marketing!

I realized that even now, if you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind.  If you’’re an expert in Facebook and Twitter, then you’’re trying to build a entire marketing strategy restricted to using only one or two tools from all of the marketing tools available today.  Facebook is not a strategy.  Twitter is not a strategy.  They are only tools.

If you’’re still stuck looking at social media as a standalone marketing technology, then you’’ve been left behind.

Today the term V.P. Social Media Marketing sounds normal, but it is already as obsolete as V.P. of Billboards.  Companies that recognize social media marketing as one set of marketing tools out of many will be ahead of the curve.

Fusion Marketing is the next generation of marketing that brings all of our 6,000 years of traditional “push” or “monologue” marketing, the exciting digital marketing tools of the Internet, and social media or “dialogue” marketing and fully integrates them into one seamless tool set that will accomplish every objective you set at no additional costs!  Fusion Marketing is such a totally new concept of “Interconnecting” all of your marketing tools that it has been accepted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office as “Patent Pending.”

As part of the Fusion Marketing concept, I also invented the Safko Wheel to help you implement your Fusion Marketing.

Fusion Marketing is a 12 Step program. Here’’s how it works:

Step 1 – Select your traditional tools

Step 2 – Perform fusion marketing [make multiple and reverse connections]

Step 3 – The trinity of social media

Step 4 – Perform fusion marketing

Step 5 – Create a “tradigital” toolset

Step 6 – Perform the cost of customer acquisition (COCA)

Step 7 – Eliminate and prioritize

Step 8 – Perform fusion marketing

Step 9 – Define strategy [create objectives]

Step 10 – Work the wheel

Step 11 – Prioritize tour objectives

Step 12 – Finalize your fusion marketing plan

By utilizing Fusion Marketing and the Safko Wheel process you will only spend resources on your most effective Tactics, on your most effective Strategies, using the most effective Traditional Marketing Tools combined with the most effective Digital Marketing Tools.

That’’s Fusion Media Marketing!

Fusion Marketing is about looking at all of your tools, campaigns, objectives, conversion strategies and everything you do in marketing in a completely different way to identify hidden opportunities to increase your ROI without spending any additional money.

Lon Safko is an author of remarkable breadth, writing six innovative books, which have shown corporations how to train managers to think creatively, detailed the secrets of launching a successful on-line business, offered advice to new homeowners on reducing building costs, and related amazing stories about the serendipity of life. 

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