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Being Present With Others

Video featuring Don Brown, co-author of What Got You There Won’t Get You Here in Sales.

What do you do on your commute to work? Check your email, read the paper, finish your cup of coffee…all while navigating through a sea of people?

Question: Why do we do  this? Answer: Because this is the era of multi-tasking! Productivity tools abound to help us keep up and keep pace … and we don’t even use the on/off buttons anymore (Admit it: you don’t either, do you?).

Sales leadership coach, Don Brown recommends two actions that will make you more engaged and effective when working with customers:

It’s one thing to work on personal efficiency – yet, what about the bleed over into inter-personal “efficiency”? Can we apply the same tactics in reference to multi-tasking when we aren’t alone? The answer is — we do — and we shouldn’t!

So what should we do? Don recommends the following:

  1. Don’t waste moments: You might only get 15-30 minutes, PER WEEK, with the people that are the most important to you…verbally dedicate that time to just them (that’s right, tell them so!).
  2. Turn it off: Make a point when spending those precious moments with someone to pointedly and obviously KILL THE POWER to your I-Phone, Blackberry or other annoying electronic companion (it will forgive you).

There can be no “multi-tasking” when interacting with others.

Go for effective, not efficient.

To Learn More, watch as Don demonstrates the principle of “Being Present With Others.”

Don Brown dedicates his career to sales, service and leadership effectiveness – period. Bilingual and experienced at the executive and line-level alike, you see the results of his work across dozens of industries, including brewing, automotive, airline, banking and pharmaceuticals.

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