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Everyone Has A Mountain Within

Video featuring Herta Von Stiegel, author of The Mountain Within.

Herta Von Stiegel, CEO of Ariya Capital, climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro with a group of able-bodied and disabled climbers. During this expedition, she discovered key lessons about management and team work that she shares with today’s global businessleaders. In this video with the UN’s South South News, she recounts her experiences in funding microfinancing projects in Africa, creating the Ariya fund, and leading a multi-ability, multi-national team in summiting one of the most intimidating mountains in the world. She also talks about the mountains within each of us, and how to conquer them.

Herta von Stiegel is founder and CEO of Ariya Capital Group, a management firm focusing on sustainable investments in Africa. An international executive with a consistent track record of building profitable structured finance businesses, she has held senior positions at Citibank and JP Morgan and until 2005 was Managing Director at AIG Financial Products.  A popular and highly sought-after speaker she has been featured on CNBC, Fox,  BBC , Bloomberg and more.

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